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The Flexwork Profile Gauge is designed to identify which of the 10 flexible work models best fit you! By completing this survey, you’ll get a custom report that describes the optimal work model for you based on the preferences you indicate. You’ll also help us build a better business environment in our area, while potentially enhancing the community where you live and/or work.
Background Information

*How many years have you worked at your current job?

* Which of the following best describes your current work status:

* What is your age range?

* Which of the following best describes your current workspace:

* Would child care in your workspace be beneficial to you?

* Which of the following amenities would be beneficial to you (check all that apply)

* Which of the following people in your household would benefit from access to digital fabrication tools, wood & metal shops, textiles, electronics, hand tools, power tools, craft cutters, 3D printers, and/or CNC machines?

* Do you consider yourself a (check all that apply)

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Below are the three workspace profiles (out of ten posssible) that have been generated based on your answers to our specifically deisigned series of questions. The three results you received are the workspace profiles that align most with your individual personality. Your three results are listed in the order of their priority, at this moment in time, and may change in order and profile as you grow both personally and professionally.

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Additional Information
Download our PDF to learn more about the science of Flexwork and its profiles.

Set up a review of your results
If you have any questions, please schedule a complimentary Zoom session with our team and we will personally walk you through your individual results and/or the entire data set collected at your enterprise.
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